Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is state-of-the-art, medication-free treatment for those who have not had success with medications for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, OCD, PTSD, substance use, stroke, movement disorders, ADHD, and other illnesses. Elevate Psychiatry is currently offering this life-saving treatment!

Transcranial magnetic stimulation treats depression, bipolar disorder, OCD, PTSD, ADHD, anxiety disorders, and other mental health conditions. Using state-of-the-art technology, TMS can provide relief when other treatments haven’t been effective. It can also help patients recover from stroke, substance abuse, or movement disorders. At Elevate Psychiatry, we provide TMS in combination with other therapies for maximum effect.

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Many people who have mood disorders respond well to psychiatric treatments and medication, but not everyone does. Sometimes, depression and anxiety persist despite all your efforts. If you’ve been desperately trying to discover how to treat depression, don’t give up hope. TMS may be the answer you’ve been searching for.

According to the latest research, nearly 80% of patients who haven’t had results with medication experience noticeable relief with transcranial magnetic stimulation, and 50% of those people discover that their symptoms disappear completely! Imagine the joy of being able to feel like yourself again, watching a beautiful sunrise with the people you love.


Transcranial magnetic stimulation takes advantage of state-of-the-art technology and modern mental health science. Here’s how it works:

  1. Positioning: A small magnetic coil is placed gently against your scalp. It’s positioned near the forehead to stimulate the brain’s frontal lobe. The TMS device has an ergonomic design to ensure that you’re comfortable.
  2. Stimulation: The coil is activated in short pulses. It gradually stimulates neurons, similar to how a gentle tap on your knee causes a reflex action. The pulses help activate the brain’s natural neurotransmitters, encouraging the release of serotonin and other brain chemicals related to positive mood.
  3. Treatment: Each treatment session generally lasts between 5 and 20 minutes. Some are shorter and some longer. The total amount of time needed depends on the specific disorder being treated and how your neurons respond. TMS treatment is always personalized to your needs.

Every patient is different, but TMS therapy usually lasts 4–6 weeks. You receive treatment five days a week at a time that works best for you. For most people, transcranial magnetic stimulation provides long-lasting results. Some people need follow-up sessions, later on, to keep enjoying relief from depression and anxiety symptoms.


Transcranial magnetic stimulation is safe, simple, and painless. It uses the same technology as an MRI scan and doesn’t use any radiation. The pulses feel like slight tapping on your forehead.

The process is just like any visit to our clinic. We make sure you feel relaxed and comfortable before starting. During the entire session, you’re awake and alert, seated in a comfy patient chair. Afterward, you can go back to your normal activities right away.

If this is your first visit, we begin by mapping where the TMS device is most effective. We also calculate the magnetic intensity needed for treatment. Everyone’s nerve cells are unique. During the short calibration process, you may notice your finger twitch a few times. This just means we’ve discovered the ideal intensity to stimulate your neurons, which is a good thing.


Transcranial magnetic stimulation is a good fit for patients who want relief from mental health disorders but haven’t had good results with antidepressant medication. It’s completely safe and effective for most people. TMS is trusted as a treatment for many disorders:

Are there any patients who shouldn’t get TMS therapy? Individuals who have some type of non-removable metal implant typically aren’t eligible for any kind of magnetic treatment (including MRIs). This applies to metal stents in the neck or head, deep brain stimulators, and bullet fragments.


At Elevate Psychiatry, we always seek to give you the relief you deserve. Our goal is to provide the therapy that works best for your lifestyle, needs, and aspirations. We want to help you feel amazing every day, living your life with complete freedom and happiness. For many patients, TMS therapy is an excellent way to achieve this.

We provide personalized, caring treatment. Our team goes the extra mile to make sure you’re comfortable, including answering all of your questions. If you want to try transcranial magnetic stimulation, but you feel nervous, that’s perfectly normal. We can walk you through each of the steps and show you exactly what to expect.

Transform your life. Take excellent care of your mental health. Find out if TMS therapy is right for you by contacting us in Miami, FL, right away.

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Finding the answers to your questions can help you feel more relaxed about TMS therapy. This state-of-the-art treatment has helped many patients in incredible ways. Here are some FAQs about TMS treatment in South Florida.

TMS stands for transcranial magnetic stimulation. This therapy uses magnetic fields to stimulate or activate certain nerve cells in your brain that are related to depression.

To understand how this treatment works, imagine that your brain’s signals are like your favorite website on the internet. Normally, all types of signals should reach you, including feelings of happiness and satisfaction. When you have depression, however, it’s like your favorite website crashes, and any happy signals fade.

TMS therapy helps to “wake up” areas of your brain that are underactive. This is like getting your favorite website up and running again. When things in the brain are working smoothly, it’s possible to feel more happiness, energy, and a positive outlook.

We usually recommend TMS when other therapies haven’t have been as effective as you want or need. Some people simply don’t respond to antidepressant medications or psychotherapy as much as desired, sometimes because of genetic factors.

TMS has helped many people resistant to traditional treatments for depression, schizophrenia, PTSD, and other mental health disorders. It may also help people with substance abuse addictions to have greater success in breaking free from cravings.

Every individual is different when it comes to treatment for mental health disorders. Some people experience more prominent changes than others. That said, TMS therapy has a good track record. According to the latest research, nearly 80% of people who have treatment-resistant depression experience significant benefits with TMS.

In South Florida, each TMS session lasts 3-20 minutes. The specific amount of time needed depends on physical factors (the intensity of stimulation required) and the type of disorder you’re receiving treatment for.

When receiving treatment, you will need to visit our clinic five days a week. The total course of treatment lasts between 4 and 6 weeks, depending on the type and severity of the disorder.

TMS is non-invasive, so there are no needles, anesthesia, or sedatives to worry about. You can be in and out of our clinic relatively quickly. TMS doesn’t make you feel drowsy, and you can return to work or other activities right away.

Every patient has a different physical and emotional makeup. Some people notice results more quickly than others. On average, patients should start to notice results after 2–4 weeks of treatment.

Many people experience significant relief from symptoms for many months after finishing treatment. Their symptoms may disappear entirely during that time. Other people notice an improvement in symptoms for years.

The average time the effects of TMS therapy last is about one year. Sometimes, follow-up sessions are scheduled every few months to help maintain results. We customize treatment to your needs so it’s as effective as possible for you.

Many patients in South Florida take along items to help them feel comfortable, such as headphones. It’s OK to listen to music during TMS therapy, and we encourage it if it helps you relax.

If you’ve gotten headaches before from TMS, you may want to take along a bottle of water and some OTC pain medication. You’ll need to remove any hearing aids, hair clips, or facial piercings when you arrive.

Any type of medical treatment for mental health issues has some side effects. This is true for antidepressant medications and TMS depression treatment. Unlike medications, TMS treatment doesn’t cause weight gain, sexual dysfunction, or digestive problems.

Many people tolerate TMS therapy well and don’t notice any issues. There can be some minor side effects with this type of therapy:

Headaches: According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, about 50% of TMS patients experience mild headaches when beginning treatment. These headaches usually go away after a few sessions.

Scalp discomfort or temporary facial twitches: Some patients notice uncomfortable or tingling sensations with the scalp or facial muscles. These feelings generally lessen as treatment continues, but we can also adjust the amount of stimulation to help patients feel more comfortable.

Hearing issues: During treatment, you wear earplugs to protect your hearing from any loud noises generated by the TMS. For most people, this is sufficient to prevent any hearing discomfort.

An exceedingly small number of people have a risk of seizures with TMS therapy. This situation is extremely rare. We take steps to check patients before approving treatment to minimize the risk even further. Our priority is to take care of your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Patients who have metal objects embedded in their heads or faces can’t receive TMS treatment. A few examples are bullet fragments, shrapnel, metallic face tattoos, stents, aneurysm clips, embedded brain electrodes, and deep brain stimulators. The strong magnetic pulses used during therapy could cause metal objects to move or heat up. You don’t have to worry about braces or dental fillings, however.




“Absolutely love Elevate! I was referred by a friend and everything he told me was true. Easy to find. Nice, clean, professional office and the staff is competent and helpful.”

-A Patient

“Excellent care, with emphasis on meaningful patient interaction, and a comfortable and sleek environment. Would recommend to anyone.”

-A Patient

“Elevate Psychiatry is by far the most educated, professional, caring, and effective place for bettering your life using therapy and/or medication management. From the outstanding assistance given when dealing with patient services/administrations to the compassion you feel when having your sessions, Elevate Psychiatry is the real deal. Knowing that your case is being looked at by the group of doctors and discussed to ensure you get the best possible treatment is such a breath of fresh air. My whole life I have struggled in certain areas, always finding failure from psychologists & psychiatrists. From the first day to sitting here writing this as you read I feel life blossoming in large part due to the treatment given by all staff and doctors. The feeling that knowing I feel better not because some Dr. is throwing different medications at me, but because both my Psychiatrist & Psychologist have worked together to find the right balance for me to live a healthier, better, more productive life is a feeling like no other before.”

-Brian P

“There are no words to describe my experience at elevate, Dr. Bhatia and Ryan Walker aren’t only people who truly care about others but they are genuinely intrigued in listening to your problems and life experiences you have been through, you may ask yourself who really has time for issues that aren’t your own and you also ask are there people out there that actually care about your problems and concerns? The answer is yes, I was very nervous in finding a place that will help me as this was my first time, I’m 21 years old and a actor with a lot of things going on in life, elevate has the best team to cater to what is best for you and I’m forever great full. If you’re thinking in either doing M.A.T or Just want someone to talk to you have to go with elevate.”

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“Compassionate, understanding, and all-around fantastic care from Dr. Bhatia. I highly recommend his practice for whatever psychiatric issue you may be dealing with! Top notch.”

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“Going to Elevate has been life-changing. I have been seeing Ryan for a couple of months now and it has been the best decision. Never have gone to a psychiatrist before, I was a bit nervous but my sessions with Ryan eased any fear. Ryan is welcoming, understanding, kind, and knowledgeable. He listens to you, asks you questions about how YOU want to proceed, and cares about you. They genuinely want to help you and that makes all the difference.

I have recommended Elevate and Ryan to all my friends and family and cannot recommend it enough.”

-Melanie H

“At Elevate, it’s never been about just sending you home with a prescription. I always notice that Polina pauses to thoroughly think through her recommendations for next steps and then provides me with several options. Having a say in your treatment plan is so empowering and I always leave appointments feeling refreshed.”

-Natalie A

“My experiences so far at this clinic have definitely been top-notch. The location is both beautiful and convenient in downtown Miami. The excellent staff and doctors are great at listening to your individual needs and educating you on the most progressive and effective treatment options for whatever your problems might be. I would recommend this place to anyone, four stars all the way! :-)”

-Mason G

“The most human, pragmatic, and empathic Psychiatrist I’ve ever had for my mom. Exceeds all expectations in every sense. You won’t find anyone better in Miami. God bless him and his practice.”

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“OK, let me begin by saying I have gone up and down Miami looking for a psychiatrist who can assist with my sister’s condition. We are so extremely satisfied with the patient care. My sister has Cerebral Palsy and suffers from depression and anxiety. From the first day we met with Polina she listened to all of us and she took the time to address all of our concerns. It has been 2 months and counting we have been with her and we feel so blessed to have come across such a patient, sensitive, and compassionate doctor especially for the Special Education Community. If I could rate her more than 5 stars I would, do yourself a favor and book an appointment without any hesitation.”

-Lazara G

“Great office and great provider. I can’t speak to all providers in this office, but Miss Pamela NP was amazing- answered all of my questions, really tried to communicate with me, and did not make me feel like I was a bad person for taking my medications. Highly recommend her if you have moved to MIA and need a new person.”

-Shannon K

“I have been a patient for over a year now and I am beyond grateful to have found them. The staff is always very helpful and is great with communication. I have been treated by Polina since coming to elevate psychiatry and she has truly helped change my life around. She is extremely detail-oriented, listens to you, and truly cares about seeing patients get the proper care they need. She has so much compassion and is so supportive. Finding a mental health professional that you feel comfortable with is difficult but Elevate Psychiatry led me to her and the wonderful staff. Thank you guys for all the amazing work that you guys do. You are truly appreciated!”

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“Truly an amazing experience. The staff was professional, caring, and very personable. The location was very centric and the office made me feel comfortable. Definitely recommended to any of my close friends or family.”

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“Excellent care, with emphasis on meaningful patient interaction, and a comfortable and sleek environment. Would recommend to anyone”

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“Amazing place! Great location and a very comfortable interior! Staff is super friendly and helpful. I feel truly cared out about when I go. Definitely recommend!!”

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“I find Dr. Bhatia to be an extremely competent and professional doctor; one who is compassionate, caring, accommodating, and most importantly a good listener. He has tailored his office to create a space that allows his patients to feel comfortable and secure. His “bedside” manner is unpretentious and respectful, which allows for ease in conversation, and fosters a sense of security in knowing that his patients’ feelings are heard and validated. Dr. Bhatia makes himself available and accessible to his patients, and is extremely conscientious in responding to his patient’s needs in a timely manner, even doing so after regular office hours. I am personally grateful to him for his continued patience and support. Dr. Bhatia’s staff is courteous, takes their responsibilities seriously, ensures that communications reach the doctor, personally respond to emails, and consistently send appointment reminders and confirmations. Always a pleasant experience. I have never left his office with any doubts, or concerns.

Thank you!”


“I am so happy that I found Dr. Bhatia. Good doctors in Miami are hard to find and he is definitely a gem. He is a genuine real person who listens to you and makes you feel comfortable discussing mental health concerns. He is a knowledgeable and innovative psychiatrist. He always responds in a prompt manner when I need something outside of my appointment date. He has definitely made a difference in life and I highly recommend him.”

-Melissa M