Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction involves a range of issues that can affect sexual desire, arousal, and satisfaction, impacting both men and women at different stages of life. Sexual dysfunction is common, with studies suggesting that a large portion of the population experiences some form of sexual difficulty at one point or another.

Our team of doctors and certified mental health professionals work with you to process sexual dysfunction events and regain control of your sexuality.

We offer psychological and medicinal treatments and cutting-edge technologies to give our patients the most advanced treatment options available.

Basics of Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction, also referred to as psychosexual dysfunction, is a condition that interferes with your ability to experience an enjoyable and healthy sex life. 

Those suffering from sexual dysfunction may be unable to experience sexual arousal; they may also find that sexual satisfaction is difficult (or impossible) even under positive and appropriate conditions.

Although physical factors can cause sexual dysfunction, it is most commonly the product of psychological and emotional challenges.

Common Types of Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction can appear in a broad range of forms and is a condition that can affect both male and female patients. Even patients who may have previously had a positive experience with sexual health can encounter sexual dysfunction later in life due to various factors.

The signs of sexual dysfunction vary depending on what you are experiencing, with common types of sexual dysfunction including:

  • Hyposexuality: When a person struggles to experience sexual arousal
  • Anorgasmia: When a female patient is unable to achieve sexual satisfaction despite appropriate conditions
  • Vaginismus: When a female patient’s vaginal muscles respond to intercourse with strong muscle contractions, making the experience difficult or virtually impossible
  • Dyspareunia: When a female patient experiences severe pain during intercourse
  • Erectile Impotence: When a male patient is unable to achieve or sustain an erection
  • Ejaculatory Impotence: When a male patient finds it difficult to achieve sexual satisfaction during intercourse
  • Premature Ejaculation: When a male patient experiences frustration at “early” ejaculation

It's important to know the different ways sexual dysfunction can happen, so we can give the right help to make your sexual health and life better.

Causes of Sexual Dysfunction

In most sexual dysfunction cases, the root cause is tied to negative emotions or anxiety about the act of intercourse, the partner, or the patient themselves. Sometimes, there are challenges related to emotional conflicts within the relationship or past trauma that impede the patient’s perception of and experience with sex.

Common emotional or psychological causes of sexual dysfunction include:

Elevate Psychiatry works closely with patients to pinpoint the causes of sexual dysfunction, assessing both physical and psychological factors that may contribute to the condition. 

Diagnosing Sexual Dysfunction

To accurately diagnose sexual dysfunction, we use a variety of diagnostic tools and methods, helping us understand your experiences and underlying issues. 

Our diagnostic method involves:

  • Medical and sexual history: A thorough review to identify psychological, physical, or environmental factors.
  • Questionnaires and self-report instruments: Tools designed to assess sexual function and behaviors.
  • Physical examinations: Essential for spotting medical conditions impacting sexual health.
  • Blood tests: Used to detect hormonal imbalances, such as low testosterone or other hormonal changes affecting libido.
  • Specialized tests: For example, nocturnal penile tumescence testing for erectile dysfunction to evaluate erectile function during sleep.
  • Psychological evaluations: Conducted to determine if psychological factors are contributing to the dysfunction.

Through a combination of these diagnostic tools, we can develop a detailed understanding of your sexual dysfunction, which is crucial for tailoring effective treatment plans.

Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction

Once underlying factors for your condition have been identified, we can proceed with a tailored treatment plan that may include:

  • Therapy and counseling
  • Medication
  • Diagnosis and treatment of related mental health conditions, if applicable
  • Referrals to physicians for treatment of physical factors, if necessary

This approach ensures that each aspect of your well-being is addressed, promoting a holistic path to recovery and better mental health.

Treating Sexual Dysfunction in Miami, FL

At Elevate Psychiatry, our team of doctors and certified mental health professionals work with you to process sexual dysfunction events and regain control of your life. Your experience is unique to you, and we will help you find a treatment path that best suits your needs. 

Although there is no “cure” for sexual dysfunction in a traditional medical sense, you can overcome it by arming yourself with healthy tools and support going forward.

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